Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®

Use your Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® at thousands of websites and keep your personal information secure. Your first virtual card is free!

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Why Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercards®?

Deposit money into your NETELLER Account and you can use your virtual card on any site where Mastercard® is accepted. Net+ virtual cards are offered in 8 currencies so there's an option to suit anyone. Best of all, your first card is absolutely free, and you will never have to pay an annual, monthly or dormancy fee.

  • Instant

    Your first card is free and ready for you to use as soon as you create your NETELLER Account.

  • Private

    Net+ keeps your information safe no matter where you use your virtual card.

  • Versatile

    Available in eight different currencies and accepted at millions of online merchants.

  • Secure online payment solutions

    Your virtual card is only linked to your NETELLER Account, so you never have to worry about compromising your credit card or identity information when paying online. Your credit card and personal information is always a safe distance away from your transactions.

  • Add up to 5 cards for easy budgeting

    Carrying around a wallet full of credit cards can be a hassle, but with Net+ it couldn't be easier! You can have up to 5 active virtual cards at a time. Each card has its own name, currency and optional lifetime limit, so you can always be sure that you're using the right card for the right transaction.

  • Optional limits to manage spending

    Each Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard allows you to set an optional lifetime limit. Once a lifetime limit is reached, the card is no longer active. Use a virtual card to pay for a recurring subscription and you can be sure that you will only spend what you wanted to.

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